InTouch™ Motorcycles

A Wireless Communication System for Motorcycles Riders

A Wireless Communication System for motorcycle riders allowing motorcyclists and moped riders to conduct safe, efficient, and secure communication, without having to lift their hands from the handlebar of their two-wheel vehicle at any point, as well as enabling continued communication while on foot. Highly durable in all weather conditions and easy to maintain, it guarantees many years of reliable use.


  • InTouch components are based on innovative technology coupled with the highest building standards, making it durable and reliable throughout time and weather conditions.
  • Incorporates extensive construction flexibility making it easily adjustable to customer requirements.
  • Automatically transfers to hands-free communication whilst moving on foot.

System Features

  • Full wireless connectivity between all system components.
  • Enables 3 communication systems in the same kit with sync and priorities: radio, mobile phone and intercom.

System Components

  • Helmet – Wireless Bluetooth
  • Remote Speaker Microphone (RSM)
  • Push to Talk (PTT) Button

 *The PTT button contains electronics and SW specific for the solution.

Key Features

Clear speech and hearing quality

  • No external noise disturbances, in high speed and/or high external noise (engine, motor, wind, etc.).

Interference-free working capacity

  •  Interference-free working capacity of several InTouch systems operating in proximity.

Compatibility with mobile phones and radio devices

  • Compatible with any Mobile phone equipped with BT.
  • Compatible with many radio brands such as Motorola, Airbus, Kenwood, iCome, Sepura, and any radio equipped with an accessory connector.

Robust and durable enclosure

  • Suitable for high-impact environments.
  • Ability to withstanding the following working conditions:
    • Shock
    • Direct sunlight
    • Operating temperature range: 0° – 60°C
    • Storage temperature range: 10°–70°C
    • Humidity and rain-proof:  IP65
    • Salty environments

System Components

Helmet – Wireless Bluetooth

  • Radio communication enabled with Coverty’s SW.
  • Mobile phone communication.
  • Intercom communication up to 15 riders, with full duplex and average distance between riders 500m (LOS) (Intercom works as a Mesh network).

Remote Speaker Microphone (RSM)

  • Wireless communication using bluetooth.
Motorocycle PTT

Push to Talk (PTT) Button

  • Attached to the motorcycle handlebar – Wireless
  • Using Bluetooth
  • Works autonomously with the internal battery up to 36 months
  • Possible to get feed from the motorcycle battery
  • Durable and works in any weather condition

* The PTT button contains electronics and SW specific for the solution.

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