InTouch™ PTT

A Fully Wireless System for Mission-Critical Communication, With Push-to-Talk Capabilities.

As team communication during tactical operations via conference calls can often be accompanied by external background noise or participants speaking at the same time, push to talk capabilities are essential.

InTouch PTT is a fully wireless system, allowing mission-critical communication, with push to talk capabilities. The InTouch kit includes a neckloop, a covert earphone, and a push to talk button, with full wireless connectivity between all system components, which eliminates the need to touch the smartphone, which can be placed, for example, inside your carry-on bag or in your pocket. When the user pushes the push-to-talk button, they receive a beep notification indicating that they are un-muted and can now speak.


  • Walkie-talkie like functionality on any smartphone, no PTT app required.
  • Efficient, safe, and secure communication can be conducted wherever, whenever.
  • Making radio communication systems or push to talk applications redundant.  
  • No need to depend on data channels.

System Features

  • Fully wireless system.
  • Compatible with any bluetooth-enabled smartphone.

System Components

  • A Wireless Communication Neckloop
  • Push to Talk (PTT) Button
  • Inductive Concealed Earpiece.

 *Specific electronics for Intouch PTT

Key Features

Clear speech and hearing quality

  • No external noise disturbances in high speed and/or high external noise (engine, motor, wind, etc.).

Full wireless connectivity

  • Fully wireless connectivity between all system components.

Compatible with any smartphone

  • Compatible with any Bluetooth-enabled smartphone

Robust and durable enclosure

  • Suitable for high impact environments
  • Ability to withstand the following working conditions:
    • Shock
    • Direct sunlight
    • Operating temperature range: -10° to 60°C
    • Storage temperature range: 10° to 70°
    • Humidity and rain-proof: IP65
    • Salty environments

System Components


Wireless Communication Neckloop

Tiny and comfortable wireless neckloop

  • Wireless neckloop hidden under clothes.
  • Electromagnetic Induction.
  • Incorporates a minute, high-quality, sensitive mike.
  • Incorporates a rechargeable battery with 72 hours of operating time.
  • Includes sound enhancement amplifier and software for sharp and clear sound.
  • IP65
  • BT 4.1

*Specific electronics for Intouch PTT


Concealed Earpiece

Inductive concealed earpiece

  • Designed to fit comfortably unseen in the ear canal.
  • Full connectivity through electromagnetic induction with communication band.
  • Most inductive earphones are compatible/operational with the system.
  • 100db
  • 100H Power-on time!
PTT Button

Push to Talk PTT Button

  • Push to Talk (PTT) button – portable wireless.
  • Supplied in different sizes and shapes such as car keys, remote control, and others.
  • Rechargeable.
  • A unique feature allows pairing with a single IP address to ensure disturbance-free operation.

*Specific electronics for Intouch PTT

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