Optimized solutions for simplified tactical operations

Coverty offers optimized solutions that dramatically simplify tactical operations for law enforcement units, Intelligence agencies, special forces, surveillance teams, covert agents, and HLS. Our solutions have proven to be the best tools-of-choice for major worldwide top-tier professionals, who indicate that our solutions are in some cases, a game-changer in their mission-critical operations.


All-in-one tactical surveillance platform, using a mobile phone or web/mobile application

Troya is a unique all-in-one tactical surveillance solution, enabling discrete video and audio recording, and live broadcasting over wireless or cellular networks all using the same platform. Troya uses a mobile phone or web/mobile application with an advanced UI – as well as integration with various peripherals such as body worn video cameras, concealed surveillance cameras, external bluetooth microphone solutions, a wireless covert communication kit, and more.

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InTouch™ BLE

Wireless Communication System for Covert/Special Service Units

InTouch BLE is a fully wireless communication system for special/covert service units, allowing users to communicate safely, efficiently, and securely. InTouch BLE is compatible with a wide range of radio communication devices and Push-to-Talk (PTT) apps, enabling reliable and continued communication while on foot or in transit.

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InTouch™ CONF

A Fully Wireless System for Mission-Critical Communication, With Push-to-Talk Capabilities

nTouch CONF is a fully wireless system, allowing team communications during mission-critical operations via conference calls – with real Push-to-Talk capabilities. The InTouch CONF system includes a neckloop, a covert earpiece, and a Push-to-Talk button, with full wireless connectivity between all system components.

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InTouch™ Motorcycles


InTouch Motorcycles is a wireless communication system for motorcycle riders allowing motorcyclists and moped riders to conduct safe, efficient, and secure communication, without having to lift their hands from the handlebar of their two-wheel vehicle at any point, as well as enabling continuous communication while on foot.

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