Concealed Tactical Face Recognition Solution Utilizing On-Device Ai And Machine Learning

Hunter is an innovative and revolutionary concealed tactical face recognition solution, utilizing on-device AI and Machine Learning. Optimized for law enforcement, government agencies, special forces, and HLS, Hunter facilitates evidence and intelligence gathering by using a smart phone equipped with a pinhole camera – with an option to use various peripherals, such as a USB video camera or Bluetooth enabled watch to accommodate other operational use cases. Moreover, Hunter’s advanced design facilitates direct input from the mobile phone screen, allowing footage analysis from sources like drones, street cameras, wireless cameras, and mobile-transferred video files, broadening its surveillance capabilities.


  • On-device AI and Machine Learning enable independent face recognition.
  • Real-time processing and immediate results.
  • Reduced dependency on mobile/Wi-Fi networks, enabling use in network-free areas.
  • Offline functionality enabling flight mode for network avoidance.
  • Ensures privacy and ethical use by operating with a limited, purpose-driven database to maintain regulatory compliance and ethical standards.

System Features

  • The Hunter system is combined with a mobile phone equipped with a factory-grade covert pinhole camera.
  • Supports USB camera and mobile screen input, allowing footage analysis from sources like drones, IP, and WiFi cameras.
  • Hunter operates discreetly in the background with the phone screen off, concealing its use.

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